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CHIRAG-1 Water Injection Project
On August 8th, 1999 AZFEN, together with TEKFEN, commenced construction of a Water Injection Module for the CHIRAG-1 off-shore platform. An upgraded workshop, qualified personnel, and a properly designed yard allowed us to complete construction and implement the module on April 29th, 2000.

Client - AIOC/AMEC

Garadakh-Severnaya GRES Pipeline
Commenced on April 1st, 2002, this project featured construction of a 90 km pipeline (43 km of 40" and 42.5 km of 28") from GARADAKH district to the SEVERNAYA Power Plant. This pipeline was designed and engineered specifically for the high pressure gas that will be pumped through it.

Client - Toyo Engineering Corporation

Compression and Water Injection Platform
AZFEN, in consortium with AMEC and TEKFEN (ATA Consortium), constructed and installed off-shore topsides. In September 2005, the ATA consortium successfully completed the construction and hook-up of the Central Azeri-Compression and Water Injection Platform. This project lasted 35.5 months and consisted of the fabrication of 14,300 tones of complicated topside, the pulling of the deck to the barge, and an off-shore hook-up. The project required six-and-a-half million man hours, without a single day away from the job. This feat is recognized as the greatest HSE achievement for integrated deck construction.

Client - AIOC

Production, Compression, Water Injection and Utilities Platform
In 2004, Azfen JV, in ATA Consortium won the PCWU Platform Topsides Fabrication Project to be installed in Guneshli Field within the Phase 3 of ACG Full Field Development Project. The Project was sanctioned on the 20th of September 2004 and the sail away date is 26 September 2007.


Western Route Project
AZFEN JV, in alliance with TEKFEN, finalized the Western Pipeline Route (Azeri section) Project. The work included construction of 444'20 pipeline from the Sangachal terminal to the western section of the Azerbaijan-Georgian border. This meant negotiating the pipeline over hundreds of river and road crossings.

Client - AIOC

Supsa Terminal
This contract was signed on February 25th, 1998 between the Georgian Pipeline Company and the TEKFEN/AZFEN Alliance. It required construction of a new Crude Oil Terminal on the shore of the Black Sea. The project was successfully completed in November 1998. Work teams were provided by AZFEN JV.

Client - GPC

Full Field Development Sangachal Terminal Expansion Program
The Gunashli (deep water portion), Chirag, and Azeri Fields are located in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea, approximately 120 km east of Baku. The average depth of the fields is approximately 125 metres. The on-shore development plan is a three-phase development scheme. This program includes on-shore fabrication, construction, and installation works at the Sangachal Terminal.

Аzeri-Chirag-Guneshli Full Field Development: 

  • ACG FFD Phase 1: Start date: 21 May 2002; End date: 20 August 2006
  • ACG FFD Phase 2: Start date: 23 April 2004; End date: 30 April 2008
  • ACG FFD Phase 3: Start date: 23 April 2004; End date: 31 May 2009 

Works carried out by AZFEN, in Alliance with TEKFEN, in the frame of STEP include the following: 

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • 3rd Crude Oil Tank
  • BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) Pump Station
  • Azpetrol Pipeline
  • Shah Deniz Brownfield
  • Shah Deniz Mid Stream
  • SOCAR Gas Pipeline
  • Technical Training Centre
  • Social Investment Program etc.

Client - BP/AIOC


  • 30 000 000 manhours  without Day Away From  Work  Case  Achievement  at  ACG Project  STEP. June 2008.
  • BP Award for safe delivery and exceptional performance of PCWU Project and 7,912 476 DAWC during 816 days; September 2007
  • Western Route Project,3 000 000 DAFWC Award.
  • BP President’s HSE Award for outstanding HSE performance in 2000.
  • BP President’s HSE Award for significant improvement in HSE presented to Delivery Team at ATA (Azfen-Tekfen-Amec) Yard.
  • BP President’s HSE Award for safe completion of Chirag 1 Water Injection Project.
  • BP President’s HSE Award for excellence in HSE presented to Tekfen-Azfen Alliance for surpassing of 10 000 000 man hour mark without DAFWC
  • Sangachal Terminal Expansion Programme, 25 000 000 man hours without DAFWC Award.
  • Certificate of Registration; Moody Int. ISO 9001:2008. expiry date 13 May 2012.